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What’s on Your Reverse Bucket List? | My Goals & Dreams

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Hi friends,

Have you ever heard of a reverse bucket list? While a bucket list is a list of everything you want to do before you die, a reverse bucket list is simply the opposite. It’s a list of amazing things that you’ve already achieved and experienced.

My kikki.K bucket list book is very dear to my heart. A brief stay in hospital in 2015 inspired me to purchase a timeless journal to write down all my goals, dreams and aspirations – where I want to travel, milestones I want to achieve, concerts I want to go to, and more.

It’s fun to read over it when I’m going through a rut and feeling ‘blah’, sometimes adding to it – but now, I realise that it tends to constantly keep me focused on the future. Future goals. Future plans. Future achievements. Why not also count and celebrate everything I’ve already achieved?

If you’ve got 5 minutes, I invite you to take a moment to be mindful and grateful with me. Here’s my reverse bucket list; I’d love to hear what’s on yours. ❤

Sophia’s Reverse Bucket List

  • Graduated from uni with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology
  • Bought a house!
  • Travelled to Sydney & Melbourne
  • Travelled to London & Paris (solo)
  • Travelled to Hong Kong & Thailand
  • Moved to a new city on my own and lived there for 2 years. One of the best cities in the world, at that – our capital, Wellington, New Zealand!
  • Completed a year long ‘Happiness Project’ in 2014, inspired by The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin – dedicating 12 months to being my best self in health, spirituality, money, fitness, love & relationships
  • Learnt & perfected the art of making candles, and started my online Etsy shop
  • Seen my some of my favourite artists Lorde, Yumi Zouma and Paramore live – Yumi Zouma three times. (They were all incredible; some of the best nights of my life.)
  • Photographed several weddings, graduations & birthday parties. I look forward to shooting many more!

As for what’s on my bucket list?

I used to have over 50 goals & dreams written down, but since then, some of them have been achieved (yay), some of them I no longer desire, and some of them seem more like a to-do than a bucket list goal (ie. saving up for an expensive wedding photography workshop I want to attend). So at the moment, I’ve got a mini bucket list with my biggest goals, dreams & desires.

Sophia’s Mini Bucket List

  • Travel to Japan. In particular, I want to do it on a Topdeck Travel tour.
  • Go to Eureka Skydeck 88 in Melbourne again, this time with my partner. Last time I went, it was so incredibly beautiful and breathtaking I promised myself that when I met the love of my life, I would take him/her there. We’re going in October!
  • Use my knowledge to teach something to the world. I have written a lot of blogs, but I want to get out there for real and write a book, start a Youtube channel or teach a Skillshare class. Who knows? It’ll be rewarding and exciting.
  • Have a magical Queenstown mountaintop heli wedding.
  • Do an escape room.
  • Travel to Bali in Indonesia, Jaipur & Auroville (Pondicherry) in India, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

What’s on your bucket list or reverse bucket list? Whether you share yours or not, I sincerely hope that you’ll feel immensely accomplished, joyful, and grateful for everything you have already achieved and experienced. It’s satisfying to realise that while we may have a long way to go towards living the life of our dreams, we have already come so far from where we used to be.




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