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Manifesting Money

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Hi friends,

Today I’d love to share with you what I’ve learnt about manifesting money – what it is and why it’s real.

My first experience consciously manifesting money was at the NZ Spirit Festival. I attended a workshop called ‘Tapping into Money’, which taught us the power of tapping on meridians to remove energy blocks and tap into a mindset of abundance, and was surprised to have seemingly manifested money that very night. From the $180 I made from selling concert tickets, to the $50 I made selling my extra festival ticket, to the $500-600 I’d receive later thanks to two photography enquiries in one night, it was excitingly strange and synchronous.

Since then, I’ve learnt plenty on the topic, mostly thanks to Youtube & books. Among the self-help books I’ve read this year, the money-related books I’ve read are Creating Affluence by Deepak Chopra, The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason, and You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. I’ve also bought Conscious Money by Patricia Aburdene and The $1000 Project by Canna Campbell to add to my reading list!

What stands out to me is that, no matter how practical and tangible people think money is, everything I have read or watched touches on the most important aspect of attracting more money and building wealth: your mindset.

No, manifesting money isn’t praying to the Universe to give you money while you’re sitting around doing nothing, or the opposite – working to the point of burn-out. It’s not simply using Law of Attraction and positive affirmations to say, “I am wealthy” – it’s so much more than that. Here’s the best lessons I’ve personally learnt about manifesting money.

1. Transform Your Subconscious Limiting Beliefs

Your subconscious beliefs guide everything you do in life. They manifest themselves into conscious thoughts, which manifest into your everyday actions, which manifest into your behaviour, which manifests to become your character. Your thoughts & beliefs, conscious or subconscious, are so powerful, everything you have in your life now is a result of what you have manifested!

Put another way: everything is a result of your personal choices, and we often make our choices by doing what feels or seems right. This definition of what’s ‘right’ stems from our beliefs.

When it comes to money, many people don’t even realise they have negative subconscious beliefs about money. A lot of people still consider money to be a taboo topic to talk about – why?

Is it because we were taught that money is evil or corrupt? Or that rich people have no morals? Or that you have to be a sell-out to be wealthy?

Some examples:

  • Jen Sincero shared in You are a Badass at Making Money one of her subconscious blocks: her father always expressed his love and support in the form of financial assistance, so subconsciously, she always thought that if she were to be financially successful and no longer need his help, she would be pushing his love away.
  • Some women are afraid at the thought of earning more than their husband in the fear of emasculating him.
  • Some people believe that you can’t be rich and spiritual, or that your friends & family will treat you differently if you become financially successful.
  • Other people may subconsciously push money away because growing up, money was the cause of conflict in their household, so they grew up to believe that money = bad.

I never related to any of these. For example, I’d love to earn more than my husband and be able to treat him to surprises while taking the pressure to provide off his shoulders. It’d be surprise weekend getaway galore! (Side note: everyone please watch the stand-up comedy Hard Knock Wife by Ali Wong on Netflix; it’s vulgar and hilarious – but has SO MUCH TRUTH regarding gender roles)

Then one day I had an epiphany and realised: did have a subconscious limiting belief!

A few years ago, I remember constantly saying things like

“I don’t know anything about personal finance.”

“I’m not good with money.”

So I never tried.

Fast forward a few years later and perhaps it was working in the financial industry, or perhaps it was becoming a lot more mindful about everything in my life thanks to minimalism, but my belief became that I am a person who is mindful with money. Good with money = me. Financially sensible = me. Knows and seeks knowledge & wisdom about personal finance = me. 

I had a mindset shift – from a ‘fixed mindset’ to a ‘growth mindset’ (search Carol Dweck). I cultivated my growth mindset, and identified with being mindful with money.

And so, I enjoy things like personal finance Youtube channels and books because I believe I am more than capable of understanding, learning and growing from them. I spend mindfully instead of just watching money leave my bank accounts then wondering where it went because I think of myself as a mindful person. I understand financial terms because I sought to learn instead of saying, “I’m not a personal finance person so why try?”

The lesson I take from this? Don’t subconsciously limit yourself by defining yourself as what you are or what you’re not. If you define yourself like I did, your subconscious will find ways to reinforce that, to make it a reality. Why? Because your mind has a very clever defense mechanism and likes to prove that what you believe is right.

So believe that your potential is limitless. Believe that you are always open to radical personal growth. I feel like nowadays, instead of dismissing something as simply something I’m not cut out for, I’ll at least give it a chance – you never know, it could open up a whole new world of possibilities!

2. Embracing Opportunity + Taking Action

One thing I love about The Richest Man in Babylon is that, even though it is such an old, wise piece of financial wisdom from the 1920’s about extremely practical wealth building techniques, it still touches on manifesting money. Not in those words, but there was a part I completely did not expect: how to attract ‘good luck’ and ‘good fortune’ from their goddess Ashtar. This is among tangible money advice like “save every tenth copper”.

The answer? Opportunity and action. Be open to opportunity, and when opportunities arise, don’t procrastinate – take action. According to the book, “men [and women, it’s 2018!] of action are favoured by the goddess of good luck”.

Another truth echoed in You are a Badass at Making Money: money is currency, and currency is energy. If you sensed negative energy or animosity from someone and felt like they didn’t want you anywhere near them, would you want to make friends with them and become best buds? Energy matters. Once you raise your vibrational frequency, this shift opens you up to new opportunities you weren’t seeing before, and attracts more of that abundance to you. It’s been scientifically proven that people who are stressed out fail to see information that is clearly right in front of them; this also applies to opportunities in your life, financial or not (this can also be applied to finding love).

Have an open mind and an open heart. Take inspired action on the opportunities that come your way that excite you and speak to you.

3. Know Your Why + Practise Gratitude

You don’t attract more of something you’re not grateful for. Gratitude turns what you have into enough and brings more of what you love and appreciate to you. Referring back to my point before, if you subconsciously believe for any reason that money is negative, that association will manifest into a lack of money in your life. This isn’t exclusive to money, either – if you’re not grateful for other things in your life, you will spend money trying to fill that void, when all you really seek is happiness, contentment and fulfillment that money can’t buy.

That’s why it’s important to have a heart of gratitude and express thanks for the ways that money has enriched your life. Receive it with gratitude. Use it with gratitude. Everyone has a reason they want more money, but don’t often truly define their why. My why always connected back to my sense of purpose & passion and being able to give back and to inspire. Your why will drive your motivation in reaching your goals. Here’s how some of my why’s have manifested:

  • I’m grateful for money because it allows me to volunteer every week and give back to the community.
  • I’m grateful for money because it allows me to use my talents to inspire others and spread joy & happiness.
  • I’m grateful for money because it gives me more time & freedom to do what I love.
  • I’m grateful for money because it allows me to invest in my knowledge and my physical & mental health – like buying books of value and fresh nutritious foods.
  • I’m grateful for money not only because it gives me the sense of security of owning my own home, but because it gives my partner a sense of security and peace of mind too.
  • I’m grateful for money because it supports me in my wildest goals & dreams.
  • I’m grateful for money because it helps me to reach my highest self. With money, I’ve been able to purchase tickets to so many events & workshops to upskill, inspire & motivate myself, and learn new things!

4. Believe in Abundance + Practise Generosity.

We live in an abundant universe. More abundance for someone else does not mean less for you, and vice versa. I say this not just about money but also about success. I’ve definitely come across toxic people who attack others’ flaws and try to bring them down, and why? Because deep inside, they believe that more success for someone else means less success for them. That’s why I love Rupi Kaur’s poetry: one of them reminds us, “Your accomplishments are not my failures.”

Another piece of advice I consistently come across in every personal finance book, Youtube video, podcast, e-book.. Is that you need to give! For example, from the financial advice of money experts Dave Ramsey and his daughter, Rachel Cruze, they always advise for everyone to include giving in their budgets. Giving is essential because it puts you in the mindset of abundance instead of one of lack. You are able to let go of the conscious or subconscious belief of, “This hard-earned money was so difficult to come by, I should hold on tight and never let go.”

Instead of acting from a mindset of lack, acting from a mindset of abundance means that, hey, it’s okay, by creating a flow of money/generosity I will also attract this flow of money/generosity back to me. When I have practised being generous, people have been generous with me – not just in terms of exchanges of money but time, effort, gifts, and acts of kindness.

There is so much more to manifesting money, and if you’re interested I’d highly recommend the books I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post. I know it’s been a lengthy one, so if you’re here, thanks for reading and I hope it inspired and helped you. Let me know your thoughts below or here!




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