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Creating Our Dream Wedding | Chapter 4

Wedding Invitations Ruby Chocolate

Hi friends,

Welcome to Chapter 4 of my wedding series!

Last month, I shared how my fiancé and I are managing our wedding finances. Today I’m excited to elaborate on this topic and why we’re creating a new budget, as well as other progress we’ve made with our upcoming wedding.

In July, we

  • created a new wedding budget / savings plan
  • customised and received our wedding invitations (!!!)
  • booked the videographer for our Queenstown ceremony
  • ordered my wedding reception dress

New Wedding Budget & Savings Plan

I have landed a new job and therefore, a new, permanent source of income! Hooray!

With my departure from one job to another comes not only new opportunities, new friends, and a fresh start, it also comes with the blessing of financial stability beyond a fixed date. If you remember Chapter 1 of this wedding series, I mentioned that, as you should when managing your finances, I only counted what I could absolutely rely on. As I was on a fixed term contract at my previous job, I only forecast my work income until the end of September. Rental income was indefinite and ongoing.

Fortunately, I’m overjoyed to add my work income to the ‘indefinite and ongoing’ list!

With the new job also comes a new payment frequency from weekly to fortnightly. Since this matches the payment frequency of my fiancé’s salary, our wedding savings are now simplified. All we have to do is take our fortnightly net income (income after tax; ie. how much we receive in our bank accounts) and multiply this by the number of fortnights from now until the date the first of our balances are due.

To illustrate this, I’ve created a new, example chart in case you were curious:

Wedding Savings Example

There are approximately 12 fortnights between now and the date the first of our balances are due. If I was earning $1500 fortnightly from my job, $400 fortnightly from rental income, and my fiancé was earning $1600 fortnightly from his job, it would total $3500. We would be earning a total of $42,000 after tax during these 12 fortnights.

As mentioned last month, we save 40% of our net income at the moment; which means based on the hypothetical $42,000, we would be able to save approximately $16,800 by beginning of January. If we already had $20,000 saved, by beginning of January, we would have approximately $36,800 in total. Amazing!

Wedding Invitations

This is one I am very excited about: we customised and received our wedding invitations!

Paperlust Co

We used the design company Paperlust Co, who are based in Melbourne, Australia. Their designs are truly some of the best I have ever seen. With most invitations being either modern and sophisticated but cold, or floral and warm but rustic and old-fashioned, initially it was a struggle to find an invitation that carried the balance of both.

We were delighted to finally find the perfect invitation that was everything we wanted: modern, floral, clean, classy, elegant, and warm. Even better, it incorporates pink flowers, real gold foil lettering, and a customisable quote of your choice. We chose a romantic, whimsical quote we both love from Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë.

With so much additional wedding stationery required – RSVP cards, directions, gifting/wishing well details, etc – we decided to keep things simple and avoid paying over $1000 for cards our guests will only need for a few months before discarding. We ordered only the wedding invitation with a link to RSVP on our wedding website – where we will share everything they need to know all in one place. I’ve RSVP’ed to a friend’s wedding this way and I think it’s extremely clever!

Videography for our ceremony

Our Queenstown wedding elopement ceremony is coming together! We have sorted out the ceremony itself, which is a package deal including celebrant, transport by helicopter, and photography. Of course, we wanted a videographer to capture the moment we exchange vows, as well as the stunning scenery on the day. After all, it will no doubt be magical – we will be getting married while flying to two mountaintops in Queenstown (The Ledge and The Remarkables).

After asking for recommendations on the Wedding Discussion Group – New Zealand Facebook group, we have booked our videographer who is from Australia but says he loves New Zealand so much that he doesn’t mind travelling over to shoot our wedding. We’re stoked to know that we will have a beautiful video of our Queenstown wedding ceremony to play and share with our friends and family at our Auckland wedding reception.

Wedding Reception Dress

For a while, I was seriously contemplating getting married in a pink dress. (If you know me, you’d know that pink has been my favourite colour for so long that it’s part of who I am. LOL.)

But, as I have also always wanted to get married in a white wedding dress (and given I am already defying my mother’s wishes by getting married with crimson red hair), I chose to go with the beautiful Madi Lane wedding dress I’d fallen in love with, and wear a pink gown for the reception instead. The gown is one I’ve had my eye on for months – from A&N Luxe Label. This month, I finally purchased it in a custom size. (It’s not easy finding clothing when you’re as petite as me, so I love designers who offer clothing tailored to your custom measurements!)

This dreamy pink tulle gown, complete with shimmering embellishments and 3D floral detailing on the bodice, isn’t an impulse purchase – I have researched and explored alternatives before reassuring myself that this is the one my heart is set on. I love it so much, I’m also planning to wear it for our engagement photoshoot next month!

A financial overview of this month

$424 – Wedding invitations from Paperlust; we bought 40 invitations for our 60-ish guests on 300gsm card, complete with real gold foil detailing.

$1099.20 – Our wedding ceremony videography deposit. It was $1000 AUD, converted to NZD at time of purchase.

$937.79 – My wedding reception dress; the A&N Luxe Label Marinela Tulle Gown in Pink. It is $699 AUD, which was converted to NZD at time of purchase.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s wedding planning update! Check out my other wedding planning blog posts here:

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I’ve also added a page to the blog – a page with various discounts on food, rides, accommodation, and more. Check it out here.

As always, you can share your thoughts with me on this blog or anything else by leaving a comment below or by contacting me here.

Til next time ❤




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