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I wrote a book!

Hello friends,

I have some exciting news to share:

Mindful with Money is now a book!

A millennial money memoir, Mindful with Money is the story of my personal finance journey. It’s everything I’ve learned since I was a broke 21 year old living paycheck to paycheck and overwhelmed with consumer debt, to finding financial stability after learning how to save, get out of debt, and be a conscious consumer.

I take my work experience in the NZ financial industry as well as my personal life experiences, and share with you everything I would want my younger self and every NZ millennial to know about sorting out their finances.

In Mindful with Money, you’ll discover:

How to manifest money and attract abundance

Ways to transform your money mindset, find your purpose and follow your passions

How to spend less than you earn

How much you need for your emergency fund

10 practical ways to save for your emergency fund

How to pay off your debt as painlessly as possible

How to find more money to pay off that debt, and real ways I have done it

How to buy the right home, car & contents insurance for you (and not pay more than you need)

20 ways to score lower insurance premiums (which you pay indefinitely – so super handy!)

NZ income tax made simple: why do you have a tax bill or refund? How do you read your income tax assessment? What do you do about freelance / self-employed / side hustle income?

Working for Families Tax Credits: what are they, and what financial help can you get when you have a baby? How do you avoid a WFFTC tax bill?

How to tailor your banking to work for you and help you reach your financial goals

12 ways to save on banking

Personal money stories from the blog – edited and some expanded upon – including my experience buying & owning a home in Auckland + saving money even while unemployed or earning an inconsistent income

Financial life advice I’d give my younger self and anyone who wants to be mindful with money

Helpful New Zealand resources for help with debt or budgeting, buying your first home, living lightly, and checking out the best financial products, offers & interest rates

50 ways to save on food, groceries, dates, beauty, retail shopping, and more!

It’s like if you combined Tales From a Financial Hot Mess (Frances Cook), Broke Millennial (Erin Lowry), Money Diaries (Lindsey Stanberry), and You are a Badass at Making Money (Jen Sincero), but all from the perspective of a NZ millennial. Not of a wealthy, CEO financial expert who knows what people should do – and will undoubtedly present you with compound interest graphs – but a perspective that’s honest, realistic, and relatable.

Want a copy?

Grab your copy here!

Ask me anything!

Some people have asked me how this all came about, or asked to pick my brain about the process, both the creative and the technical. If you’re curious, I’ll be writing a new blog post on writing and self-publishing my book – from beginning to end. It has been an incredible and heartwarming experience for me; one that has involved a lot of late nights, research, introspection and reflection, excitement, anxiety, and manifestation.

If I’m honest, there’s a lot I want to say – especially on overcoming doubt and fear of failure & judgment, as well as how letting go of others’ opinions or unhealthy relationships frees you to go after your dreams. I’ll leave all this for next time.

Ask me any questions you have here and I’ll answer them too!

If the Mindful with Money blog has ever helped you, or you just enjoy reading my personal finance nerdiness, please consider grabbing a copy for some great money tips and to support my latest passion project.

For those of you who have already bought a copy from me – THANK YOU!!




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