About Me

Hello! My name is Sophia and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I have also lived in our capital city, Wellington – a city that will always have my heart.

I created Mindful with Money to explore personal finance from an honest & holistic perspective. My life experience includes having worked in tax, insurance, and banking; volunteering as an Accredited Bureau Interviewer at Citizens Advice Bureau, helping New Zealanders with almost anything they need, including finances & budgeting services; and successfully transforming my own money mindset. (I’ve also been interviewed by the Commission for Financial Capability – that was fun!) I find empowerment in getting good with your finances and am passionate about living a conscious and authentic life. I’m not a financial advisor, which means I’m not affiliated with anyone nor selling anything; I simply write this blog out of a desire to inform and inspire.

I’ve always loved reading and writing, as well as photography and spirituality. After a work experience that made me realise the true lack of transparency and integrity in the financial industry, I decided to use what knowledge and experience I have to make the world just that little bit better. Mindful with Money was born in July 2018 – a blog I hope is informative, simple to read, and inspiring.

Thank you for being here.