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My 2020 Personal Finance Goals | Savings, Debt, Travel

Hello friends, and Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas & New Year’s break. I spent a lot of mine getting reflective for 2020 – a fresh new year and new decade. What an amazing 10 years it’s been, personally, spiritually, and financially! Here are some of the experiences the last decade has brought me:

Graduating from university, moving to a new city and back, travelling + travelling solo, buying my first car (and only car to date), buying a house, working many jobs including those in insurance, tax & banking, creating extra income from side hustles, saving for a wedding, and of course, transforming my money mindset!

What are your favourite milestones from the last 10 years? I highly recommend writing a reverse bucket list – it’s perfect for celebrating all the amazing things you’ve achieved and experienced, while setting your intentions for the future.

Today, I’d like to share with you my 2020 money goals, and the checklist I created to make sure I was starting the new year right. From credit card debt to savings & investments, managing my income to funding my aspirations, I hope you’ll find some inspiration for your 2020 personal finances too!

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