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My Favourite Personal Finance Books


Hello friends,

Today I’m excited to share with you my all-time favourite personal finance books!

Sure, I could talk about Rich Dad, Poor Dad or The Four Hour Work Week, like most people do, but I’d rather not. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is extremely vague, unhelpful, and dated, while The Four Hour Work Week was written by a fraud & sociopath. I mean, come on – at one point, while discussing how he outsources his work and exploits human labour, Tim Ferriss actually writes “I would tell you how to do this, but I don’t want to. I want to watch Family Guy. So the next part will be written by my virtual assistant.”

What the fuck?

(Not at the outsourcing; at the arrogance. He then shares the story of a man who uses his virtual assistant to talk to his wife on his behalf and help with their deep-seated marital problems.)

He also boasts of his achievements & titles and how he gained them without actually earning them. It’s not about the journey for him; it’s all about the destination. At one point he encourages his readers to take notes from books on a certain topic, give a talk at a university, go to a Fortune 500 company and say that they’ve given a talk at the university, give a talk at the Fortune 500 company, and in doing so, be able to say, “I’m an expert who has given a talk on so-and-so at a Fortune 500 company.” You’re kidding me, right? You’re encouraging and empowering people… To be frauds?

Now that I’ve had a spontaneous intro rant, I’d love to share with you the books I did enjoy, as well as the real ways in which they’ve impacted my personal finance journey. Here are my 6 favourite personal finance books!

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