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Creating Our Dream Wedding | Chapter 5


Hello friends, it’s been a while. Welcome to Chapter 5 of my wedding planning series, and the last before my fiancé and I get married. Yes, it’s less than 100 days out, and the next time I update this series with our final and complete wedding expenses in Chapter 6, I will be a Mrs!

My last update was in August, and it’s crazy how things have changed since then. I’d just updated you on my new job and new savings plan, but since then, as you may already know, both my fiancé and I have had another change (increase) in income.

Our income isn’t the only thing that’s changed. There’s one massive change I haven’t shared with you all; and the reason I’ve been quiet and avoided writing about my wedding for a few months.. We cancelled our wedding reception.

Phew! I wrote that with a huge sense of relief and joy.

Why did we cancel our wedding reception, and what are we doing now? Also importantly, what are we doing with all our wedding savings and the thousands of dollars we’d saved for the occasion?

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Creating Our Dream Wedding | Chapter 4

Wedding Invitations Ruby Chocolate

Hi friends,

Welcome to Chapter 4 of my wedding series!

Last month, I shared how my fiancé and I are managing our wedding finances. Today I’m excited to elaborate on this topic and why we’re creating a new budget, as well as other progress we’ve made with our upcoming wedding.

In July, we

  • created a new wedding budget / savings plan
  • customised and received our wedding invitations (!!!)
  • booked the videographer for our Queenstown ceremony
  • ordered my wedding reception dress

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Creating Our Dream Wedding | Chapter 1


Hi friends,


It sounds fancy and official, but really, it’s a practical and sentimental record of our wedding planning journey – a diary to share my inspirations, reflect on in the future with sweet nostalgia, and of course, keep ourselves mindful with money. I’m excited to share with you every part of this journey – of creating our dream wedding that will be both magical and money-conscious.

This month, we:

  • went to a gorgeous wedding open day
  • started making a financial plan for funding our big day
  • started requesting quotes on florals, lighting, photography & more
  • booked our wedding venue!

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